PHP Laravel Developer Jobs in Lucknow

Full Time Aliganj, Lucknow 1-3 years (experience) 15k-35k

Posted : Aug 17, 2023
Vacancies : 2

Exciting Opportunities: Sr. Laravel Developer Jobs in Lucknow | Apply Now

Position: Senior Laravel Developer

Location: Lucknow

We are seeking a talented and experienced Senior Laravel Developer to join our team in Lucknow. As a Senior Laravel Developer, you will be responsible for leading the development and implementation of Laravel-based applications, websites, and systems.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Develop, test, and deploy high-quality Laravel-based applications and websites.
  2. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to design and implement robust solutions.
  3. Lead code reviews, provide technical guidance, and mentor junior developers.
  4. Optimize applications for maximum performance, scalability, and security.
  5. Stay updated on industry trends and best practices in Laravel development.

Job Description :

The Role & Responsibilities will be:-

  • Using php Laravel for designing and creating web apps and services
  • Discussing the aims of the project with our team of developers
  • Debugging and troubleshooting issues
  • Sharing ideas and working on completing projects with the front-end and back-end teams
  • Working towards the smooth, effortless running of integrations
  • Implementing client feedback to scale projects
  • Ensuring web apps are maintained
  • Implementing relevant security measures according to the required standard
  • Building PHP modules that are efficient
  • Writing modular codes that are secure
  • Testing PHP modules
  • Contributing to database maintenance
  • Contributing to database design

Interested candidiates may apply by sending their resumes.

Experience required- 1-3 years

Working day- 5 -Work from office only

Location- Aliganj, Lucknow


  1. Competitive salary package.
  2. Health insurance coverage.
  3. Opportunities for professional development and career growth.
  4. Collaborative and supportive work environment.
  5. Flexible work hours and remote work options.

If you are passionate about Laravel development and eager to take on new challenges, we want to hear from you! Apply now for our Sr. Laravel Developer position in Lucknow and join our team of talented professionals.

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