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ERP Software Development Services

Duplex is leading Custom ERP Software Development Services Company. Automate your business with our Custom ERP Software Development Services.

Custom ERP Software Development Services Company

ERP Software Development services represent the development of custom programs that simplify and maximize an organization's multiple activities. Our Custom ERP Software Development Services Company designs ERP systems that respond to the specific demands of the business. These solutions could vary from small- and medium-productivity to major enterprise transformations.

ERP Software services and ERP software work effortlessly with existing business systems, ensuring that data travels efficiently between organizations. Technical specialists at our ERP software company utilize business technologies and programming languages to create feature-rich custom cloud ERP solutions.

These applications can be run on a variety of platforms, including online, mobile, and onsite. The ERP system is constantly monitored, managed, and supported by experts, who discover and resolve issues as they arise.

Difference Between  Custom ERP And Ready-Made ERP Solutions

  1. Custom ERP: A custom ERP Software development is customized to an organization's specific requirements. Unlike ready-made ERP software, which provides conventional features for a variety of industries, custom ERP systems are developed from the bottom and then significantly customized to fit a company's specific procedures, workflows, and requirements. Custom ERPs are built around the organization's unique business model, industry, and operational quirks. They specifically target the company's pain areas and issues.
  2. Ready-made ERP solutions: Ready-made ERP solutions consist of pre-built programs designed to fulfill the needs of enterprises in a variety of sectors. These solutions offer a wide range of functions and features, including banking, inventory management, and handling client relations. They are often sold on a subscription fee. Unlike Custom ERP Solutions, which are designed to meet individual business requirements, ready-made ERPs provide a uniform method that can be rapidly used. Ready-made ERP solutions include Microsoft Dynamics, SAP Business One, Acumatica ERP, and Oracle EBS³.

ERP Software Developed According to Your Industry Needs

  1. Manufacturing: ERP software development for the manufacturing industry involves creating unique Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems that are specifically built to address the unique needs of manufacturing companies. 
  2. Retail and e-commerce:  If you have an online store or are thinking of developing one then you can take advantage of our ERP Software services. Our experts will guide you about order placement, shipping, product management, and payment integration.
  3. Finance:  To accurately record transactions, financial data, and billing reports, our ERP software company can help you build a finance application. It benefits the client by streamlining their work.
  4. Construction: By using construction management software, one can enhance the efficiency and productivity of their work. It provides tools to allocate resources.
  5. Logistics: ERP software company can help you develop logistics applications. It will facilitate the visibility of chain supply and monitor routes and shipments.
  6. Education: Educational software enables you to store and organize all course materials in a single private area. Cloud-based learning allows team members to access content from any device, which makes it suitable for work across schools.
  7. Pharmaceuticals: Pharmaceutical software improves operations, minimizes manual assignments, and improves productivity across several processes. It automates quality management duties and optimizes the distribution of resources.
  8. Healthcare: Healthcare software eases operational barriers for doctors and staff by digitizing paperwork. This improved productivity enables specialists to devote more time to patient treatment.
  9. Information technology: IT streamlines everyday tasks such as data entry and creating reports, allowing more time for major projects. Email, instant messaging, and video conferencing are digital tools that allow for simpler and quicker communication, irrespective of location.
  10. Professional services: Professional Services Automation (PSA) software provides various advantages to service-based businesses. They provide powerful reporting capabilities, allowing for more informed decisions based on real-time data. PSA software improves efficiency, leading to increased revenue and customer satisfaction.

Custom ERP Development Process & Cost

Here is the process for Custom ERP Development - 

  1. Understanding business goals: Collect information about your business, its requirements, and goals. 
  2. Determine features: Describe the range of functions, their features, and operations.
  3. Design blueprint: Create a blueprint, and design the user interface of ERP software.
  4. Development: Develop ERP software using accurate technologies.
  5. Functionality: Test the performance of your program and fix errors.
  6. Deployment: Launch the developed software on the internet or deliver it to the company.
  7. Maintenance and updates: Regularly update the software for further enhancement.

The cost of custom ERP software development depends on the requirements of the business, the needs, and the budget of the clients.

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Why Custom ERP Development Grows Your Busines

A reputable Custom ERP Software Development Services Company can help you grow your business by offering excellent ERP Software services. Here are some key reasons why these services enhance businesses:

  1. Flexibility: Custom ERP solutions offer the flexibility to grow and adjust to shifting demands. Unlike pre-packaged solutions, is unrestricted. It expands with your business over time.
  2. Efficiency: ERP services offer more efficiency and productivity compared to off-the-shelf options. They can interface with other software systems, optimizing operations and automating laborious tasks.
  3. Simplifying Workflow: Custom ERP Software Development Matches Your Business Procedures. It guarantees improved workflows, lower operational expenses, and improved collaboration among departments.  

To summarize, custom ERP creation enables your organization to thrive by improving procedures, increasing visibility, and promoting growth.

What We Provide in ERP Software Development Services

To simplify the workflow and increase the productivity of a company, we offer a variety of ERP Software services in our ERP software company. Here are some of them:

ERP Software Development services
Sales Managment Solutions
Sales management Solutions: ERP Software Services

Sales management solutions are applications that help sales teams control and improve their processes. Our ERP software company will provide you with sales management software that will help you manage and monitor leads, prospects, and relations with customers. Field agents can view full contact histories, make notes, and transfer scheduled meetings to other team members. Centralized data reduces the amount of time spent searching for material. Our custom ERP Software development services will help you understand the pipeline's status, customer needs, and successful communication strategies. Identify and coach outstanding achievers. Reduce administrative tasks to save time.

Production Managment Solutions
Product Management Solutions: ERP Software Services

Our ERP software company delivers product management solutions, which are applications that help businesses build and improve their software products. Product managers use these approaches to determine client issues and business requirements. They assess possibilities and determine the most effective way. Product management technologies allow for cross-team communication. These tools provide instructions and guidance throughout the product's lifespan.

Inventory Management
Inventory Management: ERP Software Services

Inventory management is the process of ordering, storing, using, and selling the stocks of an organization. This consists of organizing raw materials, components, and completed goods, as well as their storage and processing. Through ERP consulting, one can build an inventory management system that will help simplify supplies, preventing both excess stock and shortages. Accurate inventory management is essential for businesses of all sizes because it affects profit, risk, and operational accuracy.

Supply Chain Managment
Supply Chain Management: ERP Software Services

With a supply chain management system, you can manage the full production movement of products and services, from raw materials to final delivery to customers. With our ERP Software services, you can develop SCM software. This software will facilitate handling the movement of goods and services to and from a company, including all stages from raw materials to finished commodities. Effective SCM streamlines operations, eliminates waste, increases customer value, and delivers a competitive edge.

Customer Relation Managment
Customer Relation Management: ERP Software Services

Customer relationship management is a technique to administer relationships with current and future clients. It means utilizing technology to coordinate, automate, and synchronize sales, marketing, and customer service operations. CRM solutions can help firms increase customer satisfaction, shorten procedures, and increase productivity in general. Keeping a thorough perspective on how customers behave allows organizations to efficiently customize their services and marketing activities.

Service Managment Solutions
Service Management Solutions: ERP Software Services

Service management solutions are computer programs or tools that automate and improve the delivery of services within a company. These tools assist in the administration of different areas of service delivery, such as solving problems, request fulfillment, managing change, and so on. Our custom ERP Software development services offer CSM tools to handle work between customers, customer service, and other teams in order to efficiently resolve issues and requests. Service management systems automate procedures, which reduces the need for manual labor.

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Our Custom ERP Software Services offer a holistic approach to business optimization. With Comprehensive ERP Development, we tailor solutions to your exact specifications, ensuring seamless integration with Scalable Architecture. Our focus on User-Friendly Interface design enhances productivity, while Robust Security & Compliance measures safeguard your data. Experience efficiency, scalability, and peace of mind with our end-to-end ERP solutions.

Comprehensive ERP Development Services
Comprehensive ERP Development Services
Our Custom ERP Software Services encompass end-to-end development, from conceptualization to deployment. We cater to your specific needs, ensuring a solution that optimally aligns with your business processes.
Scalable Architecture and Integration
Scalable Architecture and Integration
Our solutions are built on a scalable architecture, allowing for seamless expansion as your business grows. We prioritize integration with existing systems, ensuring smooth data flow and interoperability across your organization.
User-Friendly Interface and Experience
User-Friendly Interface and Experience
With a focus on user experience, our Custom ERP Software Services deliver intuitive interfaces designed to enhance productivity and usability. We prioritize user feedback to create interfaces that are both efficient and user-friendly.
Robust Security and Compliance
Robust Security and Compliance
Security is paramount in our Custom ERP Software Services. We implement robust security measures to safeguard your data and ensure compliance with industry regulations. From encryption to access controls, your information remains protected at every level.
Custom ERP Software Development Services

Custom ERP Software Development Services: Technologies We Master

We have a team of highly experienced designers, professional & expert web developers, and innovators  who develop & deliver quality products that embrace new technology trends. We follow the latest technology to enhance our product quality day by day.

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We with our dedicated team of highly skilled & innovative developers have developed high quality products- software and mobile applications for different business areas like Tours & Travels, Education, E-commerce, Entertainment, Games, News, and Medical etc. We feel delighted in offering you the best solution to fulfil your requirements for your business growth without any limitations or interruption.

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We have very healthy & strong connections with our clients as they trust us & our innovative IT solutions and so we dedicate our team to turn their dream projects into reality. We have delivered 400+ projects to the reputed companies of different areas that are tour & travels, E-commerce, Games, Education, Healthcare, Real-Estate, Enterprise business,Banking & financial, Media & entertainment etc.

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FAQs Related To ERP Software Development Services

Some of the reasons to outsource IT services are as follows: Reduce capital expenditures as well as overhead Gain access to world-class capabilities. Lower operational and labor costs Trained, Experienced, Qualified, Certified. Increase Efficiency and Competitiveness Enhanced problem solving Access to Specialized Resources Nullify Recruitment Hassles Quickly Implement New Technology Access to customized IT solutions as per a unique workflow Boost employee focus Increased work efficiency and productivity in business

RP is meant for enterprise resource planning that helps all areas of your business communicate with each other more effectively. . It's a business process management software that manages and integrates a company's financials, supply chain, operations, commerce, reporting, manufacturing, and human resource activities.


Main reasons and benefits why today organizations are using ERP systems: Provide business leaders with real-time visibility into their operations. Enable business leaders to identify challenges, uncover opportunities, and make faster decisions Give employees the tools and data they need to be successful. Can often be accessed from anywhere through your mobile devices Help increase productivity among your team. Make it easier for teams to collaborate with each other, and with third-party vendors. Keep data secure, and help you ensure that your business continues to operate in compliance with global regulatory laws and guidelines.


Key benefits of using ERP are:- Higher productivity Deeper insight Accelerated reports Lower risks Improved agility Efficiency Mobility Cost Elimination Integrated information


For any business, budget and cost-effectiveness is the key to growth and success. The cost of ERP depends on the software vendor, the modules selected, and the deployment method.


Five signs you’ve outgrown them and need a modern ERP system- If spending more time on daily activities. If you have runaway business processes. If have many unanswered business questions If have manual processes with multiple data sets If missing out on fast-moving opportunities.


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