Hire PHP Developers

Hire PHP Developers

Are you searching for a potential & dedicated PHP Developer or Programmer to hire at onsite or remote that adds supremacy in your project?

Hire PHP developers from Duplex Technologies. Our PHP developers’ team will take your project to the next heights.

We offer you an opportunity to hire Dedicated PHP Developer for your upcoming or establish PHP web and app development. Our experienced team of PHP developers/programmers have in-depth knowledge and high experience in multiple industries, which is beneficial to fit all of your requirements easily.

Our PHP Developers at Duplex Technologies are brilliant in delivering commercial solutions through up-to-date tools and skills at the committed time-frame. We are the best in providing healthy solutions at affordable pricing packages. We offer you a wide range of options to hire PHP experts according to your project -size to get the successful PHP solution.

Duplex Technologies is a major service provider of PHP development services. Our expertise is in MY SQL, PHP programming, CMS development and integration, Web design and development, Customised eCommerce solutions, Customised framework Development, Object-oriented programming, Rich Web Application Development, Custom PHP MySQL Apps and many more exciting features and modules.

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Our PHP Development Services

Duplex Technology is the top leading PHP development service provider company in India having the extra-ordinary team of professionally qualified & experienced staff to fulfill all your business needs with perfection.
PHP Web Development Services
PHP Web Development Services

PHP Web Development services are a perfect solution for businesses looking to create an effective and scalable web site. It is a popular open source programming language with high performance and extensibility. At Duplex, PHP web development services are provided by our experienced & expert PHP developers of our team.

PHP-based CMS Development Services
PHP-based CMS Development Services

We as a PHP-based CMS Development Service provider can create enterprise portals and websites from scratch. It can also create add-on modules for existing CMS solutions. This can help your business to grow with the help of a CMS that is tailored to your business needs. We assure you to deliver the best PHP-based CMS development services for your business needs.

Custom PHP Development Services
Custom PHP Development Services

If you need a custom web application for your business, it is a good idea to look for a reliable PHP development company. At Duplex we can provide you with a range of services from full-stack custom PHP development to API integration testing. Moreover, we provide you with long-term support and maintenance. Our team of 50+ engineers specializes in developing highly scalable web solutions.

Dynamic Website Development Services
Dynamic Website Development Services

A dynamic website is an excellent choice for businesses that need an online presence but are on a budget. These websites can display a variety of products and services and integrate with social media platforms. A dynamic website is best if you need to regularly upload new content or update the content of existing pages.Our PHP developers team will deliver you the best & unique solution for all your business ideas.

PHP E-commerce Development Services
PHP E-commerce Development Services

If planning to develop an eCommerce website, it should include your business objectives, target audience, budget, and design requirements. PHP is an excellent choice for an eCommerce website, as it allows for customization of the structure and design to suit your business needs. It also provides a user-friendly interface. Our PHP developers are very active & passionate about e-commerce development. They have vast knowledge to deliver the best & perfect e-comm development solutions to you.

PHP Maintenance Services
PHP Maintenance Services

There are many advantages to using PHP, including the ease of use, increased control over development, and significant speed improvements. We, with our PHP developers team, offer you long-term support and maintenance for your site. Our PHP developers can ensure the security of your website and application with software testing and vulnerability analysis. They can also provide you with a variety of other services, including website and app development, UI/UX design, QA and testing, and custom development.

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Our Hiring Models

We offer you a wide range of options to Hire Graphic Designer experts according to your requirements to get the excellent graphic designing of demanded products.

Part Time Model
Part Time Model

Upscale your development capabilities by extending your existing team. Our dedicated software development teams have expertise across a variety of technologies and build applications that offer ease of scalability, reduced time-to-market and enhanced ROI.

Full Time Model
Full Time Model

Among the leading customized software development companies, we focus on comprehensive testing and QA services. It includes manual testing, automated, performance, and security testing utilising modern test frameworks and technologies.

Hybrid Model
Hybrid Model

The hybrid model is different from all remote.On the basis of hybrid model deploying teams on-site and offshore development center giving you advantage of two concepts and stay competitive amidst tough business scenarios.

Just 3 Short Steps to Hire Us

Hire Dedicated & Expert Android Developer from Duplex Technologies to strengthen your business goals through proven methodologies and collaborative project management systems.

Inquire & Evaluate

Send your project requirements to hire expert, certified and professional developers. Our team evaluates your requirements, performs feasibility checks and recommends expert web developers.

Select & Pay

You hire the best programmer from our multi-disciplinary team of dedicated resources. Choose from our engagement models and make online payment to get started with your project.

Manage & Launch

Monitor and control your dedicated programmer and get regular project updates. Get your product ready under your supervision & launch it with its full & final setup.

Technologies We Master

We have a team of highly experienced designers, professional & expert web developers, and innovators  who develop & deliver quality products that embrace new technology trends. We follow the latest technology to enhance our product quality day by day.

Azure cloud
word press theme customization
magento development
shopify development
unity 3D

Advantages of using PHP Technology

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The popularity of PHP is the logical result of its numerous advantages, all of which make it a powerful and effective development tool. The versatility of this scripting language results from its excellent ability to combine with other programming languages.

  • Better loading  speed of website Better loading speed of website
  • More options  for database connectivity More options for database connectivity
  • Inexpensive website hosting Inexpensive website hosting
  • Great Synergy with HTML Great Synergy with HTML
  • excellent  flexibility and combinability excellent flexibility and combinability
  • Large collection of open-source addons Large collection of open-source addons

We Cover All Industries

You can hire Graphic Designers from Duplex Technology with sound skills in graphic designing. Our grapgic designers are not just to design applications for one particular industry instead they are expertise in the various business verticals.

Our Valuable Clients

We have very healthy & strong connections with our clients as they trust us & our innovative IT solutions and so we dedicate our team to turn their dream projects into reality. We have delivered 400+ projects to the reputed companies of different areas that are tour & travels, E-commerce, Games, Education, Healthcare, Real-Estate, Enterprise business,Banking & financial, Media & entertainment etc.

Excellence With Consistent

With Consistent

We are happy to showcase our rewards earned with special recognition & appreciation


Why Hire PHP Developers From Duplex

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Our highly skilled PHP developers aim to design an application that is compatible in all aspects. We have a team of the best PHP Developers who have deep knowledge of all the technologies, those are essential for developing the PHP platform.

Uncompromised Project quality
Uncompromised Project quality

Our developers have worked with brand projects & delivered successfully with full customer satisfaction. So you don’t need to worry about your project quality at all. You can trust our developers' talent.

Flexible Engagement Models
Flexible Engagement Models

Hire a PHP developer for Part-time working, Full-time working and Hybrid working module from Duplex easily as per your project requirement.

Skilled and Experienced Developers
Skilled and Experienced Developers

Our developers are experienced in industry & have sharp skills in developing PHP projects according to your given requirements. They are innovative & have 5+ years of experience in PHP development.

Timely Project Delivery
Timely Project Delivery

Our developers understand your project with your given requirements for it & developed it with full dedication & focused project management in order to deliver you on -time without any delay.

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Duplex Technologies is regularly recognized as a world leader in innovation, engineering, and business transformation, and that wouldn't be possible without our employees. That's why ensuring the professional development of our employees is a top priority.

FAQs Related To Hire PHP Developers

PHP can be the right technology to develop a perfect website depending on your needs and requirements. It is most popular technology used for- Better loading speed of websites; More options for database connectivity; A large collection of open-source addons; Inexpensive website hosting; Great synergy with HTML; Excellent flexibility and combinability; Various benefits provided by cloud solutions.


We have successfully delivered 300+ projects on PHP Technology across the globe.


We have developed tours & travels websites, e-commerce websites, entertainment websites, educational websites, beauticians websites, real-estate websites, astrologers websites & many more.


We have 5-7 years experienced developers in our team who work & deliver the best results beyond your expectation for your projects.


The time to deliver your project will totally depend on your business idea, business needs, and all the requirements you will share with us. After collecting the requirements we will quote you the time & cost for your project.

We can give you many reasons to hire java developers from Duplex Technology- We are updated on the latest tech trends We are active problem-solvers We reduce your time to market Have large pool of experienced developers Have highly-technical abilities at cost-effective rates


Our java developers have expertise with 10+ years of experience in java web & app development for your any project idea. They are capable of giving you solutions in your project complexity with your desired results.


The process of hiring a Java developer in Duplex Technology is quite simple. You can hire a Java developer in just 3 steps - Make inquiry & evaluate your needs. Select a Java developer from our team according to your needs on the basis of full time , part time or hybrid model. At last, manage your project & launch your business idea in the market.


Java Developers need an extensive range of skills, from in-depth knowledge of the basics to a thorough understanding of the current developments. Skills that are required are- Proficiency in Java, with a good understanding of its ecosystems Sound knowledge of OOP Patterns and Concepts Familiarity with different design and architectural patterns Experience in handling external and embedded databases In-depth knowledge of code versioning tools, for instance, Git etc.


The cost of hiring Java developers will depend on your project size & the hiring model you will choose offered by Duplex. We are offering 3 hiring models- Part time, full time & hybrid model.

Some of the reasons to outsource IT services are as follows: Reduce capital expenditures as well as overhead Gain access to world-class capabilities. Lower operational and labor costs Trained, Experienced, Qualified, Certified. Increase Efficiency and Competitiveness Enhanced problem solving Access to Specialized Resources Nullify Recruitment Hassles Quickly Implement New Technology Access to customized IT solutions as per a unique workflow Boost employee focus Increased work efficiency and productivity in business


A generic software product is made according to future updates. If you have a unique brand vision and need to establish your company, then going for a custom software is recommended. Your requirements can be expanded or changes can be made whenever you ask for it. Custom software is made according to the time, the budget and the needs defined by the client. Reliable and efficient technical support is available as there are a limited number of users.


Here are some advantages that are in favor of custom software: The custom software fits your exact requirements. It offers long-term cost savings as there is no need to pay a subscription for the third-party software. You don?t need to wait for some other agency to add a feature you know that can make the use of that software easier. If you have ideas or requirements in future to improve the software, you can develop them whenever you want. When you have developed & using your own custom software, it can easily integrate with anything which has open integration abilities. By using custom software you don?t have to worry about its support services as it is included & provided by the company which has developed it. It ensures better problem solving ways as well as bug-fixing in comparison to the support offered by any off-the-shelf software.


Custom software development is a paramount component of this strategy equally important for a company from large corporations to small businesses. In any industry, individuals enjoy when there is an element of personalization for a product or service as it makes their workload easy & hassle-free. Customized solutions can be more efficient and flexible for your needs. It becomes so important for a business because it helps to meet unique requirements at a cost competitive with purchasing, maintaining and modifying commercial software. This will affect your business growth positively in the long run.


Custom software can be developed as big or as small as per the need of a company. It is specially designed to fulfill the special & specific requirement of a customer?s business process. Customer?s feedback is important during the development process. The top industries that utilize custom software are the IT and banking industries, Entertainment & food industry, Education & real estate etc. Large companies use custom software for their critical functions like customer management, content management, inventory management, human resource management, or to fill any gaps which may be present in the existing software packages.


IT solutions is about innovation and innovation in business is all about doing things differently to provide the best product or solution and an improved service to customers. IT solutions are all about offering efficient software or apps or other digital services according to the business model of any organization. It serves a long-term growth of the organization in many ways like: Give more flexibility to the product & services Ensure control all over business processes Provide perfect support with fully functional features Save expenses, time and efforts Ensure top quality results Facilitate data processing in an efficient way Fit The business requirements perfectly Offer a competitive advantage in business


With the right combination of strategy, procedure, technology and infrastructure, IT consulting services can meet the specific business requirements and deliver expected outcomes. These services play a vital role in the growth of business. IT consulting services can be used for various industries including: Banking Insurance Education Manufacturing Retail Operations Consumer packaged goods Electronics Transportation and Logistics Media and entertainment Travel and hospitality Legal Healthcare


We are delivering business solutions at every stage.
We would be happy to discuss your idea or project with you in person.