Hire PHP Developers

Hire PHP Developers

Are you searching for a potential & dedicated PHP Developer or Programmer to hire at onsite or remote that adds supremacy in your project?

Hire Dedicated PHP Developers

Hire PHP team in India from us and get interactive web applications built for your business. Our PHP developers are highly adept at developing web applications in the PHP programming language and have years of experience. From building the website to maintenance and support, our developers perform a lot of tasks very well.

Whatever type of business you run, be it e-commerce, food delivery business, or matrimony, you can Hire Dedicated PHP Developer from our company to get a user-friendly web application. In today's market, the best way to reach your business to the maximum audience is to connect it through digital medium. Through a dedicated eCommerce developer, you can convey your business to a global audience in an affordable way. You can Hire a dedicated PHP team Developer from our company to access full stack development services, backend and front end development services from our PHP developers.

Duplex Technologies is a major service provider of PHP development services. Our expertise is in MY SQL, PHP programming, CMS development and integration, Web design and development, Customised eCommerce solutions, Customised framework Development, Object-oriented programming, Rich Web Application Development, Custom PHP MySQL Apps and many more exciting features and modules.

Advantages of Using PHP Technology | Hire Dedicated PHP Developer

Using the PHP programming language, our developers can create applications and websites for multiple platforms and devices. Be it Android platform or Windows, IOS or LINUX, PHP is compatible with everyone.  You can get a website developed through this application in less time and at lower cost. If you want to develop an application for your business, then you will have to develop different applications for each platform by hiring different developers.

A lot of your time and money will be wasted in this process because different programming will have to be done for each platform. Using PHP, our developers can create website applications from a single code base for every platform.

With the help of PHP, we can create dynamic websites which are more user interactive and responsive. Since HP has many tools and libraries already available, it saves the developer from repeating the same cycle again and again. Another advantage of this is that it is highly scalable, that is, the application website designed with its help can hold large traffic in real-time.

Why is PHP the Most Popular Among Developers?

PHP has advantages such as detailed documentation and an active user base. Online forums, blogs, tutorials, and libraries enable PHP developers to find answers, and efficient procedures, and remain up to date on the latest developments. PHP was developed to be user-friendly, with minimal training required. Its grammar is similar to that of other famous languages, which makes it suitable for PHP web application developers of various skill levels.

The simple nature of the code in PHP promotes accessibility, troubleshooting, and management. PHP can handle a wide range of development requirements, from basic scripts to complex business applications. It provides a variety of styles of programming, such as object-oriented and functional, that can be integrated into HTML, making it ideal for building sites.

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Our PHP Development Services

Every business and organization has a different need, that is why our PHP web applications development company provides versatile services at a cost-effective price. You can Hire PHP Team in India for:

PHP Web Development Services
PHP Web Development Services

Hire PHP developers for PHP web development services. Our PHP developers create websites as per the needs of clients and businesses. With the help of cutting-edge technology, we can further improve the performance of websites so that our clients continue to achieve long-term success. Hire Dedicated PHP Developer to create a website with an appealing design, back, and front-end infrastructure, user-friendly features, and top-notch integration tools. Our team of PHP developers consists of people with technical and artistic skills who take care of every smallest detail. You can avail of customized website development services by our developers, whether it is for an e-commerce business or any construction business. Without any worries, keep your requirements and ideas in front of us and fulfill your goals.

PHP-based CMS Development Services
PHP-based CMS Development Services

In PHP-based content management system development services, we develop, customize, and maintain the content management system using the PHP programming language. It also includes many services, such as integrating third-party apps or APIs with the CMS, bringing other websites or functions to the CMS through migration, developing themes and plugins, and optimizing the CMS platform. Our PHP developers provide PHP-based CMS services to many industries and sectors, such as the education sector, healthcare, e-commerce, beauty and cosmetics, etc. Hire PHP Team in India from our company, to create a flexible and scalable content management system for your business.

Custom PHP Development Services
Custom PHP Development Services

Hire Dedicated PHP Developer to get customized PHP-based applications or websites built for you. With the help of custom PHP development services, you can create any type of website as per your needs and requirements. Off-self applications, also known as readymade software, are less useful than custom software. Custom applications or websites are more useful and affordable because they only have useful features and tools that a business needs. Only you can understand the needs of your customers and that is why you should take advantage of our custom PHP Web Application Development services. You can also build your own social media application, e-commerce application, or gaming application with our company.

Dynamic Website Development Services
Dynamic Website Development Services

Hire a dedicated php team Developer for dynamic website development services. Dynamic websites are those websites whose components or features present on their interface keep changing from time to time. These websites are more interactive and responsive as compared to static websites. Using PHP programming languages, we can create dynamic websites for your business to increase customer engagement. On dynamic websites, real-time data keeps getting updated, which further enhances the user experience. If you are running an e-commerce business, then this is the best service to make your products reach customers.

PHP E-commerce Development Services
PHP E-commerce Development Services

Hire PHP Team in India to build e-commerce websites and applications to outshine your business. Our developers take care of every detail while developing an e-commerce website so that clients do not face any problems. Whatever type of website, design, and features you want, tell our PHP developers and we will create a similar website for you. There are many benefits to developing an e-commerce website for your business, as it will streamline many of your operations such as order management, shipping management, customer management, payment management, etc. Apart from this, your business will reach many people globally. People can browse and purchase your items at any time and make payments through our safe and secure payment integration tool.

PHP Maintenance Services
PHP Maintenance Services

With the help of maintenance and support services, you can get your applications improved from time to time by our PHP developers so that its performance becomes even better. Our developers will make necessary updates to your website or application and will also fix any issues or defects found in it. By availing these services, you will not face any problems in future and there will be no reduction in your productivity and sales. If you want, you can also get some new themes or features added to your website from our developers.

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Our Hiring Models: Hire PHP Team in India Based on Your Project Requirements

As one of the reliable PHP Web Application Development companies in India, we offer on-demand services to our clients at a cost-effective price.

Part Time Model
Part Time Model

If your organization is working on a project and wants to complete it as soon as possible, Hire Dedicated PHP Developer part-time. We will provide you with the top PHP developers to assist you boost your work productivity. These PHP developers will collaborate directly with your existing team of developers and will bill you an hourly wage.

Full Time Model
Full Time Model

If you want to Hire PHP Team in India for a set period of time, please contact us. Our full-time PHP developers will construct a user-friendly PHP-based website or application for you. In comparison to the part-time PHP developers, our full-time PHP developers will initiate a project from scratch and will work for you until it is finished.

Hybrid Model
Hybrid Model

Hybrid model is a term used for remote PHP developers. If your organization or business is situated at a faraway distance from our company, then you can Hire a dedicated PHP team Developer on a cloud basis. To provide timely updates, our PHP developers will be connected with you through Skype, email, messaging, and calling.

Hire PHP Team in India by following Just 3 Short Steps

Hire Dedicated & Expert Android Developer from Duplex Technologies to strengthen your business goals through proven methodologies and collaborative project management systems.

Inquire & Evaluate

In the initial phase, you must offer details about your website or application to our dedicated eCommerce developer. You must inform our PHP developer about the nature of your business and the key features and styles that your website or application should include. Our PHP Developers prioritize client wishes, which is why we collect all requirements and objectives of our customers before beginning our project.

Select & Pay

To Hire PHP Team in India, you must pay us a security amount. Your total invoice will be determined by the type of service you access from us such as PHP web development service, custom PHP development service or e-commerce development service. The intricacy of your application and its features will also influence the total cost. Compared to other companies, we provide our consumers very reasonable costs. Once payment is received, our PHP developers will begin working.

Manage & Launch

In the third step of PHP Web Application Development services, we evaluate the performance and operation of your website or application. Whether it meets all of the needs of the clients and businesses or not, we identify the flaws and defects and, after addressing them, we launch the app or web page on platforms such as Google Play and Apple Store so that the public may begin using it. You can receive upgrades and improvements for your application through our maintenance and support services on a periodic schedule.

Technologies We Master

We have a team of highly experienced designers, professional & expert web developers, and innovators  who develop & deliver quality products that embrace new technology trends. We follow the latest technology to enhance our product quality day by day.

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Advantages of using PHP Technology

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The popularity of PHP is the logical result of its numerous advantages, all of which make it a powerful and effective development tool. The versatility of this scripting language results from its excellent ability to combine with other programming languages.

  • Better loading  speed of website Better loading speed of website
  • More options  for database connectivity More options for database connectivity
  • Inexpensive website hosting Inexpensive website hosting
  • Great Synergy with HTML Great Synergy with HTML
  • excellent  flexibility and combinability excellent flexibility and combinability
  • Large collection of open-source addons Large collection of open-source addons

Our Dedicated PHP Developers: Cover All Industries

You can hire Graphic Designers from Duplex Technology with sound skills in graphic designing. Our grapgic designers are not just to design applications for one particular industry instead they are expertise in the various business verticals.

Our Valuable Clients

We have very healthy & strong connections with our clients as they trust us & our innovative IT solutions and so we dedicate our team to turn their dream projects into reality. We have delivered 400+ projects to the reputed companies of different areas that are tour & travels, E-commerce, Games, Education, Healthcare, Real-Estate, Enterprise business,Banking & financial, Media & entertainment etc.

Excellence With Consistent

With Consistent

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Why Hire PHP Developers From Duplex

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Duplex Technologies provides skilled PHP developers for PHP-based services. Here are some key reasons that make us the best PHP web application development company:

Experience and Expertise
Experience and Expertise

Hire dedicated PHP developer with proven experience and track record. Our company has been delivering PHP-based services to our clients globally for more than ten years. We have helped numerous industries and businesses improve their online presence.

Versatile Services
Versatile Services

Our PHP developers offer versatile services to clients, such as dynamic website development services, e-commerce development services, custom PHP development services, content management system development services, and maintenance and support services.

Strong Communication Skills
Strong Communication Skills

Our developers are experienced in industry & have sharp skills in developing PHP projects according to your given requirements. They are innovative & have 5+ years of experience in PHP development.

Transparent Pricing
Transparent Pricing

Hire a dedicated PHP team developer from Duplex Technologies at affordable prices. We offer a transparent price to our clients. The total amount we charge depends on the services provided to our clients. Prices may fluctuate if the client demands some unique designs and features in the application.

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Duplex Technologies is regularly recognized as a world leader in innovation, engineering, and business transformation, and that wouldn't be possible without our employees. That's why ensuring the professional development of our employees is a top priority.

FAQs Related To Hire PHP Developers

PHP can be the right technology to develop a perfect website depending on your needs and requirements. It is most popular technology used for- Better loading speed of websites; More options for database connectivity; A large collection of open-source addons; Inexpensive website hosting; Great synergy with HTML; Excellent flexibility and combinability; Various benefits provided by cloud solutions.


We have successfully delivered 300+ projects on PHP Technology across the globe.


We have developed tours & travels websites, e-commerce websites, entertainment websites, educational websites, beauticians websites, real-estate websites, astrologers websites & many more.


We have 5-7 years experienced developers in our team who work & deliver the best results beyond your expectation for your projects.


The time to deliver your project will totally depend on your business idea, business needs, and all the requirements you will share with us. After collecting the requirements we will quote you the time & cost for your project.

Here are some advantages that are in favor of custom software: The custom software fits your exact requirements. It offers long-term cost savings as there is no need to pay a subscription for the third-party software. You don?t need to wait for some other agency to add a feature you know that can make the use of that software easier. If you have ideas or requirements in future to improve the software, you can develop them whenever you want. When you have developed & using your own custom software, it can easily integrate with anything which has open integration abilities. By using custom software you don?t have to worry about its support services as it is included & provided by the company which has developed it. It ensures better problem solving ways as well as bug-fixing in comparison to the support offered by any off-the-shelf software.


IT solutions is about innovation and innovation in business is all about doing things differently to provide the best product or solution and an improved service to customers. IT solutions are all about offering efficient software or apps or other digital services according to the business model of any organization. It serves a long-term growth of the organization in many ways like: Give more flexibility to the product & services Ensure control all over business processes Provide perfect support with fully functional features Save expenses, time and efforts Ensure top quality results Facilitate data processing in an efficient way Fit The business requirements perfectly Offer a competitive advantage in business


With the right combination of strategy, procedure, technology and infrastructure, IT consulting services can meet the specific business requirements and deliver expected outcomes. These services play a vital role in the growth of business. IT consulting services can be used for various industries including: Banking Insurance Education Manufacturing Retail Operations Consumer packaged goods Electronics Transportation and Logistics Media and entertainment Travel and hospitality Legal Healthcare


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