CRM Or Lead Management Software Development Services

CRM Or Lead Management Software Development Services

Are you searching for a CRM software Development services that provides a 360-degree view of prospective customers, including their activity, performance metrics and lifecycle??

Improve your businesses by identifying potential customers, nurture leads and track the sales process through our Customize CRM software Development services .

If you are looking to improve your sales and marketing productivity, Custom CRM or lead management software development Services can help you in achieving your objectives. It automatically prioritizes leads and eliminates the need to perform manual lead searches. It also helps you to produce reports and identify profitable territories, sales reps that are meeting their targets, and potential sales areas where improvements can be made.

Using a CRM or Lead Management System (LMS) is a great way to manage your sales leads and contact information. CRM software developed by our developers will help your team work together by centralizing all of your leads and contacts. Your team can work efficiently through our CRM software without needing to go back and forth between email and Excel-based workflows. It also gives them a single source of information, preventing lost leads.

We deliver a good CRM or Lead Management System that will help you keep track of your leads and respond to them effectively. These systems also allow you to automate different tasks such as sending follow-up emails and texts. 

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CRM or Lead Managment System Features

A CRM or lead management system helps your team better understand leads and prospects. This tool allows you to segment and target your leads to improve your outreach opportunities. It can also track and manage lead funnel activities and lead quality. Salespeople and marketers can share important information with each other and track their progress in a single place.
Lead Funnel Management
Lead Funnel Management

Lead funnel management is the process of converting potential leads to paying customers. The first stage is lead generation, the process of capturing names and contact information.The next step is to nurture the leads into paying customers.CRM software also automates email marketing segmentation and sending, allowing salespeople to focus their time on the most promising leads. CRM also allows marketers to measure the progress of each stage of the funnel.

Lead Distributions
Lead Distributions

CRM systems with Lead Distributions features are designed to streamline the lead management process and reduce the risk of error. They often feature a feedback capture feature that allows you to track the performance of a lead. Another feature of a CRM system that helps automate lead distribution is its built-in quotation generating module. This feature can help you quickly generate quotes. These quotes can then be easily emailed to customers.

Employee Management
Employee Management

Employee management is one of the most important aspects of a successful company. Good employees will help you produce the best products and generate more revenue. It will also help you maintain an accurate record of employee activity, which will help you make the right decisions. CRM for employee management will provide you with reports about your employees' productivity and engagement. This will help you motivate your employees and stay ahead of the competition.

Lead Transfer
Lead Transfer

The Lead Transfer feature of CRM allows you to move leads from one module to another. Once you've configured your CRM data, you can transfer leads from one site to another. The Lead Transfer feature of CRM lets you automatically transfer qualified leads to the appropriate sales team for follow-ups. This allows you to increase the chance of conversion. It also speeds up follow-ups and distributes leads without overburdening your sales representatives.

Sales Tracking
Sales Tracking

A Sales Tracking feature in a CRM system allows you to track the success of individual salespeople. This information will help you develop a clear path to achieve your sales goals. You can use it to measure deal velocities and sales stage ratios and personalize your offerings to your customers. You can use this information to boost your team's performance, improve the overall company performance, and lift your bottom line.

Interactive Dashboard
Interactive Dashboard

CRM provides you with several powerful features, including the Interactive Dashboard feature. The interactive dashboard allows you to view key information in a graphical way. You can add various charts, tiles, and other items to the dashboard. It also allows you to filter data by entity or time period. An interactive dashboard can help you track your business performance. In addition to its visual appeal, an interactive dashboard can help you track your business performance.

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We offer our clients Agile Development Methodology to develop high-quality software product with dedicated project manager to develop a roadmap of your project for timely delivery. Duplex offers you dedicated & highly experienced software developers to build your software product with high-quality as well as robust custom software for your business with the dedicated 24*7 support and testing services.

Customization on Request
Customization on Request
CRM customization is the ability to customize the system to meet your specific needs. This can include making changes to forms and reports, or even creating a new workflow. Our team can customize the system on your request as per your demanded changes.
CRM Mobile Apps
CRM Mobile Apps
We offer iOS and Android mobile apps , CRM Mobile apps that can help you track sales activity and contact information on the go. Where you can create quotes and accept payments from customers. All of this information can be easily accessed anywhere, at any time.
Email/SMS Marketing's Integrations
Email/SMS Marketing's Integrations
We offer integration services combined with the power of CRM, Email/SMS Marketing's Integrations services that can streamline sales, marketing, and customer relationships. With these solutions, your company can automate key customer journey moments.
24 hrs. Support Services
24 hrs. Support Services
24-hour customer service is essential for businesses with a global footprint. Customers expect help when they need it and they also expect it in their own time zone. So, we with our team at Duplex are always there to provide you support services anytime anywhere.
CRM Or Lead Management Software Development Services

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FAQs Related To CRM Or Lead Management Software Development Services

CRM software is a useful tool that helps businesses keep track of and analyze their customers. CRM or lead management software development services can provide the features and functionality that are necessary to run a successful businessIt offers aligned project teams, sales, and marketing departments. It can help companies track sales metrics, manage leads, and create personalized marketing campaigns. It can also integrate with email systems and social media.


CRM software is a useful tool that helps businesses keep track of and analyze their customers. Using a CRM or Lead Management System (LMS) is a great way to manage your sales leads and contact information. You can improve your businesses by identifying potential customers, nurture leads and track the sales process through our CRM software system.


The technology can scale up and easily support multiple dealership locations. Surely, it can be expanded as your business grows.


A CRM system is that almost any organizational unit can benefit from it from sales and customer service to recruiting, marketing, and business development. CRM provides easy access to data, it also becomes much easier for users to collaborate on different processes and increase productivity.


A CRM software system can be beneficial for your business in terms of - Costs reduction, Quality of the service/product improvement, Performance improvement, Increases customer loyalty, Increased number of customers, Increased sales volume.


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