Hire ASP/.Net Developers

Hire ASP/.Net Developers

Hire ASP.NET Developer India to Build your web application. Hire ASP.NET Developers in India Hourly/Daily/Monthly Basis. Duplex provides top IT professional developers Services with relatable prices. Call Now 9452000089

Hire Dedicated Certified ASP.NET Developer India

Hire Certified Dedicated ASP.NET Developers and build web applications for mobile devices, consoles and Windows. We have a talented team of .NET developers who offer customized, flexible and scalable web applications, software, and websites to uplift a particular business. Our .NET Development Solutions is used for building dynamic web applications and web APIs. This framework, originally developed by Microsoft, offers various tools and programming languages that are used by developers for web services

Hire ASP.NET Developers from our company to create an e-commerce website, social media platform, a system for content management, enterprise web applications, and applications for mobile and desktop. Our team of Experience .NET Developers possess highly technical skills that will convert your ideas into reality.

Our qualified .NET developers, as well as programmers, are well versed with ASP.Net development, VB.NET development, MVC Framework, C# Programming, and other.NET frameworks. They are solution oriented and agile in nature.  You can hire a full time or part time individual on a virtual basis as per your requirement. We provide dedicated support for development connections that only suits your needs. 

Speed up your business and its growth by hiring .Net developers from Duplex Technologies who are trusted by people for their technical abilities and skills. Our committed .Net developers are known to excel in developing .NET applications for different businesses around the world. Our .NET developers are fully dedicated and highly experienced in their work and offer most scalable, reliable, and secure solutions. They have earned excellence in executing Dot Net projects of small, medium, and large businesses across an extensive range of industries. 

Choose ASP.NET for your Next Project

Hire dot net developers to diversify your business in the current market. ASP.NET offers various advantages to budding organizations and businesses over the typical frameworks that are used for creating native websites and applications. Selecting certified remote developers is much easier and more cost-effective with us. Given below are some advantages of.NET .NET Solutions

  1. Rapid Execution: In comparison to other frameworks,.NET offers high performance. Developers can create dynamic web pages, websites, and applications for various platforms in less time and cost.
  2. Compatibility: All the applications developed using .NET frameworks are compatible with different means, which means these apps can function on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Docker.
  3. Free to Use: .NET Solutions is an open-source framework, which means it can be used by a large number of people without paying a penny. Plus, it can be improved and updated from time to time.
  4. Dynamic Pages: With the .NET framework, developers can create dynamic pages for a website using various programming languages like HTML and C#. Dynamic pages are more intuitive than static web pages.
  5. Safe and Secure: Hire Full Stack .NET Developers Online and get a secure web application to improve your sales. We use strong cybersecurity tools for authentication and configuration.

Integrating Technologies with ASP.NET

The developers at our leading firm use .NET Development Solutions with other technologies to deliver an outstanding user interface to the consumers. Here are some of the combinations used by us:

  1. .NET + React: The developers at our company use the combination of ASP.NET and React Native to deliver a high-quality dynamic web page. .NET acts as a back-end while React takes care of the user interface. The combination of these frameworks provides access to a large number of tools and libraries and accelerates the web application development process. Integrating React with ASP.NET allows developers to create highly interactive and dynamic user interfaces. React's component-based architecture enables rapid UI creation. React encourages modular coding, making it easy to reuse components across multiple sections of your application. The strong architecture of ASP.NET complements this strategy by improving maintainability and scalability.
  2. .NET + Angular: When developing Angular apps using ASP.NET Core as the backend, your Angular code remains free and separate from the .NET code. This decoupling provides greater maintainability and flexibility. The combination of Angular and ASP.NET Core enables the rapid building of efficient online apps. It's an excellent choice for swiftly developing feature-rich applications. Combining ASP.NET and Angular provides a powerful combination of server-side and client-side technologies, enabling developers to create robust, engaging, and efficient web applications.
  3. .NET + VUE:  Hire Certified Dedicated ASP.NET Developers from our reputed company and combine cutting-edge technologies to boost your business. Vue is a dynamic JavaScript framework that is well-known for its accessibility, versatility, and integration flexibility. By combining it with ASP.NET, you get an updated front-end solution driven by Vue. This combination allows you to keep your back-end functionality APIs, authentication, and data processing in ASP.NET while delegating UI duties to Vue.
  4. .NET + Visual Studio: Visual Studio offers an integrated development environment (IDE) that simplifies the entire development process. IntelliSense (complete code recommendations) and a strong debugger improve productivity. ASP.NET supplemented Visual Studio's toolkit and designer. ASP.NET is open source, making it inexpensive and widely used. Combining ASP.NET and Visual Studio enables developers to construct powerful, secure, and efficient web applications.
  5. .NET + C#: Hire ASP.NET developers from us and combine the features of C# to build dynamic, secure, and high-performance web applications. ASP.NET can manage both small websites and large-scale applications. Its scalability means that your web pages can expand as your company's requirements change. ASP.NET Core enables you to create applications that operate on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Cross-platform interoperability guarantees that your web apps are flexible and have a larger reach. Improved Performance: ASP.NET is performance-optimized, with compiled code execution resulting in faster load times and better user responsiveness.
  6. .NET + SQL: ASP.NET and SQL Server integrate easily, resulting in rapid data retrieval and processing. This combination ensures that your web application runs smoothly, even under severe demands. ASP.NET interacts seamlessly with SQL Server. You may construct complex web applications that interface with your database with simple and minimal code. ASP.NET includes built-in security measures like authentication, authorization, and encryption. SQL Server also includes sophisticated security capabilities to keep your data safe.

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Our ASP. NET Development Services

Duplex Technology is the top leading Dot Net development service provider company in India having the extra-ordinary team of professionally qualified & experienced staff to fulfill all your business needs with perfection.

Hire Dedicated Certified ASP.NET Developer
.Net Web Application Development
.NET Web Application Development

Hire Full Stack .NET Developers Online from our company to develop a web application for your business or company. .NET web application development means creating web apps with the .NET framework. This is a popular feature of the.NET framework for developing web apps. It is open-source, cross-platform, and performance-optimized. ASP.NET Core enables developers to construct dynamic, secure, and scalable web applications. The Entity Framework Core enables developers to manage database connections, queries, and data modeling. ASP.NET Core includes built-in security capabilities such as authentication, authorization, and identity management. Developers may protect their apps via OAuth, JWT, and other authentication methods.

.Net Maintenance & Support Service
.Net Maintenance & Support Service

Hire Certified Dedicated ASP.NET Developers for .NET maintenance and support services. It is essential for the durability and long-term performance of applications developed on the .NET platform. Proactive attempts are made to ensure smooth operations. This includes frequent updates, performance tuning, and code optimization. Resolving difficulties that develop throughout the application's lifecycle. Providing prompt support when users experience challenges.

.Net Migration Service
.Net Migration Service

.NET migration services refers to the movement of your current.NET applications to new environments or platforms. Our developers use Azure App’s tools for identifying and evaluating on-premises.NET web apps migration readiness. Assessments assist in determining migration readiness, roadblocks, corrective recommendations, recommended SKUs, and hosting costs. EF Core employs migrations to create and upgrade database structures. Every time your app starts, use migrations to initialize the database schema.

.Net Desktop App Development
.Net Desktop App Development

.NET enables our developers to create modern, cross-platform desktop applications for Windows and macOS, as well as Android and iOS smartphone and tablet applications, all using C# and XML in just one code base. We combine .NET Solutions with cutting-edge technologies for developing native apps on several platforms into a single framework based on.NET 6 and later versions. Whether your objective is desktop or mobile, the.NET framework offers a uniform development approach.

.Net Integration Service
.Net Integration Service

In web page development, .NET integration services are technologies that allow for seamless communication and data exchange across various components, systems, or third-party services. APIs are used by developers to retrieve data, implement tasks such as sending emails, and incorporate tools such as payment gateways into web pages. Web developers often integrate third-party services such as social media platforms, dashboards for analytics, and payment gateways, into their websites.

.Net Mobile Application Development
.Net Mobile Application Development

Hire dot net developers from our reputed company and get a fully-fledged mobile application to elevate your business. NET Mobile Application Services enable developers to design modern, efficient mobile apps in C# and.NET. .NET Mobile Application Services enable developers to build modern, reliable mobile apps with C# and the.NET platform. It isolates the most recent technologies into a single framework, making it simple to design unified user interfaces. You can connect to platform-specific tools such as sensors, device information, and more.

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Our Hiring Models to Hire Certified Dedicated ASP.NET Developers

Hire Certified Dedicated ASP.NET Developers from our company as per your business and project needs. These hiring models enhance efficiency and productivity, as well as consume less time and money. Here are some of the hiring models provided by us:

Part Time Model
Part Time Model

Hire dot net developers for a particular period and get excellent output within less time. Part-time models act like an extension of your team of full-time employees. These part-time employees have more benefits than full-time employees. They charge money per hour or project, not every month. After the work is completed, they will say goodbye to you, and if you want, you can work with them again.

Full Time Model
Full Time Model

Hire Top 1% .NET Developers full-time and accelerate your business. Our full-time models will work like your employees. In comparison to part-time models, which act as an extension to an ongoing project, they start the development process from scratch. We will provide you with experienced backend, frontend, and QA engineers, engineers, etc. You just have to put the goals of your project in front of them.

Hybrid Model
Hybrid Model

The hybrid model is partially remote and onsite. Using this model, you can Hire Certified Dedicated ASP.NET Developers who are more important for your project to work from the office, while other developers can be given remote jobs. If you want, you can also hire completely remote developers from us who will keep giving you updates on the project from time to time.

Follow these steps to Hire Full Stack .NET Developers Online

To hire Full Stack .NET Developers Online, follow these simple steps given below:

Inquire & Evaluate

In the first step, you will have to provide all the details related to your project to our developers, like what kind of web page or application you want to develop and some specific features or designs you want to include in it. After analyzing all the things thoroughly, we will give some Certified remote .NET Developers.

Select & Pay

In the second step, you will have to pay our company some security amount, after which we will begin the development process. You can make online payments through net banking, UPI, and credit cards. As long as our developers will work, our project manager will keep giving you updates from time to time.

Manage & Launch

After completion, we will check the developed application on different devices. In case we find any error or bug, we will fix it and launch. Our developers will periodically modify and update the delivered application for seamless performance

Hire Our Dedicated Certified ASP.NET Developers : Technologies We Master

We have a team of highly experienced designers, professional & expert web developers, and innovators who develop & deliver quality products that embrace new technology trends. We follow the latest technology to enhance our product quality day by day.

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Advantages of using ASP.NET Technology

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ASP.Net technology allows creation of desktop, web, and mobile apps of any complexity with specific business functions and is fully customized for your particular business needs.

  • Hire Certified Dedicated ASP.NET Developers to get an efficient output. Compared to other technologies, ASP.NET is an excellent framework that reduces coding time by offering developers certain rich tools and features. Hire Certified Dedicated ASP.NET Developers to get an efficient output. Compared to other technologies, ASP.NET is an excellent framework that reduces coding time by offering developers certain rich tools and features.
  • As ASP.NET uses native optimization, early-linking, and timely compilation, it enhances productivity. You can hire ASP.NET developers to build a safe and secure web application for mobile devices or Windows. As ASP.NET uses native optimization, early-linking, and timely compilation, it enhances productivity. You can hire ASP.NET developers to build a safe and secure web application for mobile devices or Windows.
  • Web pages created with ASP.NET use source code and HTML, which makes them simple to manage. Along with this, it continuously tracks the applications, ensuring that they are always ready to meet the inquiries. Web pages created with ASP.NET use source code and HTML, which makes them simple to manage. Along with this, it continuously tracks the applications, ensuring that they are always ready to meet the inquiries.
  •  If you hire dot net developers from us, you will get rapid, inexpensive, and scalable language support for web application development. If you hire dot net developers from us, you will get rapid, inexpensive, and scalable language support for web application development.
  • Microsoft authentication improves security and the server-side code maintains reliability. Microsoft authentication improves security and the server-side code maintains reliability.

We Cover All Industries

You can hire Dot Net developers from Duplex Technology with Sound Skills in dot net application development. Our dot net developers are not just to develop applications for one particular industry instead they are expertise in the various business verticals.

Our Valuable Clients

We have very healthy & strong connections with our clients as they trust us & our innovative IT solutions and so we dedicate our team to turn their dream projects into reality. We have delivered 400+ projects to the reputed companies of different areas that are tour & travels, E-commerce, Games, Education, Healthcare, Real-Estate, Enterprise business,Banking & financial, Media & entertainment etc.

Excellence With Consistent

With Consistent

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Work Done By Our Dedicated ASP.NET Developers

Our highly experienced & talented Dedicated ASP.NET Developers have developed & successfully delivered a number of projects to our valuable clients related to different business fields across the globe. It's our developers’ skills & innovative ideas to convert your dream project into reality that make us assure that our developers' talent in your project development will be a great addition for you.

Why hire dedicated certified ASP.NET Developers From Duplex Technologies?

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Duplex Technologies offers various certified remote ASP.NET developers to clients who are seeking reliable ASP.NET solutions. Given below are some advantages to hire us:

Scalability and Performance
Scalability and Performance

Hire dedicated ASP.NET developers to build a scalable application that can adjust to variations without sacrificing performance. ASP.NET reduces complexity and improves RAM, guaranteeing the efficient utilization of resources. It handles various requests simultaneously without interrupting the ongoing process. This enhances scalability and performance.

Security Features
Security Features

Hire dedicated ASP.NET developers from our reputed firm to get a secure and reliable web application. ASP.NET operates together with internet information services that enable the ASP.NET security framework. It allows our developers to set up and maintain privacy for their applications by offering various tools for handling data protection and authentication.

Integration with Microsoft Ecosystem
Integration with Microsoft Ecosystem

As ASP.NET is a server side framework, it helps developers build dynamic web pages using various technologies. You can hire dedicated ASP.NET developers from our leading firm who will incorporate various technologies provided by Microsoft, like SQL, Azure, and Visual Studio, to deliver a robust web application for you.

Developer Productivity
Developer Productivity

ASP.NET contains a large number of built-in modules. This facilitates productivity, as developers can use them to simplify the development process while repeating the same cycle. It allows us to reuse the same elements for various web pages. So, without any further delay, hire dedicated ASP.NET developers from us today!

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FAQs Related To Hire ASP/.Net Developers

You can develop software for the web, desktop, and mobile, including cloud-native, gaming, Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) as it is highly robust and can yield better-performing applications with strong security for your project.


Yes, you can hire dot net developers on the full time basis, part time basis or on a hybrid model for your project development. You can contact us to hire developers as per our project needs.


We communicate the project progress by providing you a project manager for your particular project development. He will give you the full updates of your project development & its status. Also you can share & discuss the new requirements & the changes that are required in your project with our manager.


Yes, we provide post-development technical support services & maintenance services for the project we developed if you hire our support services.


We provide .Net web application development services, .Net maintenance & support services, .Net migration services, .Net desktop app development services, .Net integration service, .Net mobile application development services & many more.


Yes, before starting any project our team will discuss your full requirement of your project you want to develop & for security of data exchanged while developing your project we sign an NDA or confidentiality agreement .


We are delivering business solutions at every stage.
We would be happy to discuss your idea or project with you in person.